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Individual and Couples Therapy in Arizona

Helping people reach their potential and strengthen relationships


Therapy Embraced is dedicated to helping individuals and couples navigate the challenges that prevent them from reaching their potential.  Through a compassionate, curious, and honest approach, therapy will help you live a life of fulfillment.


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Individual Therapy

Identify why your problems aren't going away despite your best efforts.  Learn to manage stress and anxiety while living a life with purpose.

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Couples Therapy

Understand what is preventing closeness.  Improve the communication that allows you to feel connected and understood in your relationship.


Matthew Brace, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Supportive relationships allow us to live a life with purpose and meaning.  However, you may be realizing that your relationship has more arguments, feelings of disconnection, and decreased intimacy.  You want to be at a place in your relationship where communication brings you closer together.  I understand the complexities of relationships and I am committed to helping you feel connected and fulfilled.


Be Compassionate

Showing support by listening to the stories people carry about themselves and others.

Be Curious

Taking the time to understand what gives people purpose and meaning in their lives. 

Be Honest

Supporting the development of open and honest conversations.


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How To Keep “Does Everyone Hate Me?” Thoughts At Bay

When you recognize you’re probably spinning a narrative that might not be rooted in fact, try to organize and analyze the thought to determine its validity. Matthew Brace, an Arizona-based therapist, suggests creating a list with evidence “for” and evidence “against” your assumption. Read More


5 Relationship Red Flags Everyone Misses, Experts Warn

 "People can have recurring thoughts of doubt that they downplay in their mind and don't openly share because they think it is their own problem and something they need to figure out," says Matthew Brace, licensed marriage and family therapist at Therapy Embraced.  Read More

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How To Stop All-Or-Nothing Thinking In Its Tracks

Therapist Matthew Brace notes that when people give voice to the criticism, they often use absolutes in their language. They say things like “you never follow through with things” or “you always seem to mess up.” Hearing words that are considered absolutes can have an impact on people as they can start to internalize things in those terms, as arguments tend to leave out exceptions. Read More


35 Signs You're With The Right Person

One of the most important deciding factors when it comes to your relationship’s future is whether or not they understand your past traumas or negative experiences ... “They should be aware of your pain and show that they are capable of being the person that is able to sit in the pain with you, not try to fix you,” Matthew Brace, LMFT, tells Bustle. Read More

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How to Answer “What Are You Looking For in a Relationship?”

Reflect on what you want your relationship to look like a year from now.  This question is meant to go deeper than just surface-level qualities when looking for a compatible partner. Early on in relationships, people tend to overlook qualities or reframe them to fit their narrative because the excitement of the relationship is rewarding. Read More

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