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Couples Therapy
In Arizona

Your relationship isn't the same as it used to be...


Arguments are happening often, and feeling distressed is common. 

You're trying to improve the relationship, but are getting frustrated when the problems continue to exist.

If you’re asking yourself – How did we end up here? – you are not alone and there are answers to this question.  When these answers come out in open and honest conversations, your relationship will start to transform.

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What does improvement look like?

You want communication to bring you closer together.


When issues do arise, you will know how to bring them up without the fear of an argument starting.

Your relationship will be thriving as you are feeling heard, supported, and appreciated.

Healthy relationships aren't built on how little couples argue, they are built on how effective couples are at repairing arguments.

Struggling to Improve Communication in your relationship?

Do these sound familiar?

  • Attempts to communicate often end in arguments and disagreements

  • Criticizing and blaming each other

  • Feeling like you are often defending yourself

  • Having conversations about the same topics without seeing change

  • Challenges communicating about responsibilities, expectations, and needs

  • Making fewer attempts to connect with each other


Unsure how to Rebuild After an Affair?

Do these sound familiar?

  • Constantly doubting and questioning your partner

  • Increased arguments that often end by referencing the affair

  • Wondering if an affair will happen again

  • Feeling undesired by your partner

  • Feeling confused about sex and intimacy

  • Noticing improvement one day and then regression the next

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