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Individual Therapy
In Arizona

Your life is filled with stress, anxiety, and uncertainty...

You're recognizing the problems in your life aren't going away despite your best efforts.

These problems are showing up in your relationships, at work, and making it impossible to relax.  You want so badly to live a life where these problems don't hold you back.

If you’re asking yourself – Why can't I seem to figure this out? – know that this is common and you are not alone.  You may find yourself worrying about too many things, unable to shut off your mind.


What does improvement look like?

You will be living the life you intend, finding joy in things, and feeling present and engaged with the people you care about the most.

When issues do arise, you will know how to recognize them and respond effectively so the issues don't take you off course.

You will be confident in yourself, living your life with purpose, and embracing new opportunities.

Struggling to manage Anxiety?

Do these sound familiar?

  • Finding yourself overthinking or replaying situations back in your mind

  • Having racing thoughts and being unable to turn them off

  • Finding things to distract yourself, because being alone in your thoughts is overwhelming

  • Dreading social interactions or going somewhere new

  • Despite having many positives going on, you still feel nervous and on edge


Struggling to manage Stress?

Do these sound familiar?

  • Physical symptoms of fatigue, sleep difficulty, muscle tension, digestive issues

  • Emotional symptoms of feeling overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, irritable

  • Constantly feeling under pressure at work and home

  • Feeling overwhelmed with unavoidable responsibilities

  • Family members constantly reaching out for your support

  • Being pulled in many directions without having time to relax

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