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Therapy After An Affair

The pain a couple experiences due to an affair can have them wondering if the relationship is worth saving because of feeling betrayed.  While this is very common, it is important for couples to understand what led to the affair and what is needed to heal.  Working with a skilled therapist who takes a neutral stance is important when couples are processing the aftermath of an affair. 

Common questions following infidelity:

  • How can I ever trust my partner again?

  • How do I know this will never happen again?

  • How did our relationship get to this point?

  • How could I ever be intimate with my partner again?

  • Does my partner not desire me anymore?

Common relational issues:

  • Constantly doubting and questioning your partner

  • Increased arguments that often end by referencing the affair

  • Feeling undesired by your partner

  • Feeling confused about sex and intimacy

  • Noticing improvement one day and then regression the next

Image by Lisa Fotios
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