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Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common reasons people will seek out therapy because it is such an uncomfortable experience that can influence many areas of life.  Anxiety can stand in the way from you accomplishing the things you want, and can feel like it takes over when you are least expecting it.  Therapy for anxiety is valuable because you learn how to respond effectively to thoughts of worry, feelings of nervousness, and detour an anxiety attack before it even develops.  You want to be able to experience your life without anxiety waiting around ever corner, and therapy can support you in making that a reality.  Responding effectively to anxiety also means recognizing when it is useful, as it can create motivation and strengthen your preparation for things.

Common Signs of Anxiety

  • Finding yourself overthinking or replaying situations back in your mind

  • Having racing thoughts and being unable to turn them off

  • Finding things to distract yourself, because being alone in your thoughts is overwhelming

  • Dreading social interactions or going somewhere new

  • Despite having many positives going on, you still feel nervous and on edge

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