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Couples Therapy
In Arizona

Understanding the ways in which you communicate and function in your relationship is important because couples get caught in negative interaction cycles for a reason.  Couples therapy is going to support you and you partner in understanding these cycles and how to improve them.

Healthy relationships are not built on how little conflict there is, they are built on how effective you are at repairing the conflict.  There is no doubt that conflict in relationships will create hurt, emotional distance, and frustration.  Those experiences make it hard to turn towards your partner to figure out resolution because you may be unsure if your experiences are going to be validated and listened to. 

Therapy Embraced is committed to understanding the innerworkings of your relationship and is sensitive to understanding the various challenges that family dynamics, societal expectations, and cultural influences may place on your relationship. Whether a couple is dating, cohabiting, married, same-sex, or interracial, Therapy Embraced is committed to ensuring your relevant identities are honored in the therapy space.

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Two of the most effective models to treating issues in relationships are Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Gottman Method Couples Therapy, both of which are commonly practiced at Therapy Embraced.

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